Jason Chaffetz takes leave from Congress, blames foot problem: is he stuck between Russia and FBI?

Chaffetz takes advantage of Congressional healthcare benefits before he quits

Trump's Tax Plan Makes Him a Whole Lot Richer

Tax Plan Could Cost Government $6 Trillion

Rachel Maddow Delivers An Epic Takedown Of Trump's 'Ridiculous' Tax Reform Plan

Trump Is Giving A $4 Billion Tax Cut To His Kids As He Takes Away Health Care From Millions

GOP lawmaker knifes his own party's health bill: Sick people would pay more than they do now

White House national security aide Gorka was rejected for a security clearance in Hungary in 2000s

Ben Carson Is Proving to Be the Bizarre and Incompetent Secretary of Housing and Urban Development We Expected Him to Be

 Pelosi Reveals There Are '70 Poison Pills' in Current Government Funding Bill

Alabama judge slams 'unmistakable' racism behind city's segregation plan - then green-lights it anyway

Stunning Fox Poll Shows 55 Percent Of America Already Eager To Vote Trump Out Of Office

US Senate panel votes in favor of Dr. Scott Gottlieb to run FDA

Trump is Bringing War - Time to Stop Blaming Deep State.

Trump Now a Captive of the Deep State

Trump takes up GOP tradition of bashing 9th Circuit, aka '9th circus'

Moderates balk at conservative-backed, revised health bill

Promises, Promises: What Trump Said He Would Do but Hasn't

Trump: 'We Don't Want to Fill All the Vacancies' in the Federal Government

The Simpsons Has Done A HYSTERICAL Parody Of Trump's First 100 Days, YOU MUST WATCH THIS!

'America First!', Unless You're Ivanka Trump... China Factory Inspection Report Released

Trump to Pull Feds Out of K-12 Education

Mexico's 'Hillary Clinton' Rips Trump Over 'Useless' Wall

Feds force hospitals to report alleged DUI patients to police

After Nearly Dying on The Table: 'Obamacare Saved My Life - Trumpcare May Have Killed Me'

Trump Slams Sanctuary City Ruling, Says Opponents Are 'Judge Shopping!'

DREAMers Descend on Texas Capitol for Sanctuary Cities Fight

Stretches of Border See 'Hours to Days' Response Time from Agents, Says Hurd

Migrants Who Allegedly Raped Woman on Facebook Live Jailed for Two Years

Police gear up for Berkley unrest despite cancelled Ann Coulter speech

Mexican Border Mayoral Candidate is Brother of Los Zetas Cartel Boss

Why it matters that Google Home now knows your voice

Have We Just Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity?

3 Months Since Trump's Inauguration: Planned Parenthood Has Performed 81,567 Abortions

Planned Parenthood Exec Who 'Wanted a Lamborghini' Caught Haggling Over Baby Body Parts

Obama's $400,000 Wall Street Speech Is Completely In Character

Arkansas plans to carry out last execution before lethal injection drug expires

Contrasting accounts of Arkansas execution from witnesses inside the death chamber


Jones vows to come to Idaho to expose Chobani and fight lawsuit

Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated

 Microsoft Warns Users Not to Install Its Latest Windows Update, For Now

CNN Guest Says Ivanka Trump Is The Acting 'First Lady' Because Melania Too Lazy

Flash Robberies: The Newest Homeland Threat

ESPN's massive round of layoffs continue into the evening

'Literally hunting humans': Eric Frein, sniper who killed Pa. trooper, sentenced to death

Search is on for man accused of shooting Georgia deputy

Gunman Shoots, Kills Delaware Trooper in Wawa Parking Lot

"We can never apologize enough for what occurred." - United Just Released Its Report On The Plane Dragging Incident

Will Start Offering Passengers Up to $10,000 to Surrender Their Seats

Seattle's mayor accused of child rape, police cover-up alleged by one of his victims

Explosive new History Channel series finally exposes CIA drug trafficking conspiracy

US will investigate aluminum imports as national security hazard

Fox host Jesse Watters announces vacation following backlash over Ivanka Trump remark

NOAA reports unusual mysterious spike in humpback whale deaths on Atlantic Coast

Central US Violent Storms, Flash Flooding May Strike at Night Adding to Dangers This Weekend

Woman bitten by shark in rare attack at Curio Bay, New Zealand

Snow on mountain roads surrounding Reykjavik, Iceland

Wind Driving Wildfire in Southern Arizona Forces Dozens of Homes to Be Evacuated

New fears over damage from air pollution on blood system

AZ's Sawmill Fire Doubles Overnight to 40,000 Acres

Crews Barely Escape Massive Landslide on California's Highway 101

Elephant Tranquilizer Makes Lethal Entry into Opioid Crisis

Gov. Roy Cooper Warns North Carolina Residents of Worst Flooding Since Hurricane Matthew

Flooding still major concern in some parts of North Carolina

Trump Advisers Propose Declaring Obama's Climate Deal a 'Treaty,' Sending It to Senate to Die

Series of 5 pit bull dog attacks reported within 4 days in Dayton, Ohio

Arkansas Roads Flooded, Buildings Damaged as Severe Storms Pummel Central US

Areas of South Dakota blanketed with late spring snow

Toxic Diesel Particles Penetrate Right Through to the Heart, Scientists Warn

NASA to investigate unknown fungus found growing on the space station

Astonishing Moment 'Figure of Jesus' Appears Above Colombian City Wiped Out By Giant Landslide That Killed 17 People

Plane crash in Frederick County, Virginia

Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast: authorities

Surprise snowfall in the heart of France

SHOCK CLAIM: Solar system was once home to ADVANCED ALIENS

Is the Tahoe Glacier making a comeback?

26 feet of snow recorded in Japan

ISS mystery as shock video of 'large cylindrical UFO' passing space station goes viral

Dead whale found on beach at Jersey Shore

The most STUNNING new images sent back all the way from Saturn?

NASA claims it will broadcast the first 4K live stream from space today at 1:30PM ET?

Trump's immigrant crime hotline trolled with calls about aliens and UFOs

Mountain snowpack well over average in Northwest Montana

MRI scans that measure brain age may one day predict the risk of early death

The race to build the world's first sex robot

Rise of the sex robots

7 Jobs Intelligent Robots Will Take First

Crime fighting robots could soon replace security guards

 Bill Nye goes FULL LUNATIC with vulgar transgender music video singing about "moist vagina" and how transgenderism is "evolution"

Scientists discover baby humpback whales 'whisper' to their mothers to avoid detection by predators

Study finds DTP vaccine increases infant mortality 5 to 10 fold compared to unvaccinated infants

Titanium dioxide and the link to obesity

Flooding causes Crabtree Valley Mall storeowners to lose thousands

First Americans claim sparks controversy

Study finds higher salt intake is associated with lower blood pressure, contradicting decades of medical advice

Sinkhole Causes Concern for Town of Santee

Warmer weather seen for May-July in most of Europe, except UK

'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early

Drug use tops booze for first time in fatal US crashes: study

Dangerous bleeding after childbirth could be treated with a $1 injection

Our Decomposing Bodies Are Altering Earth's Chemistry

No criminal charges in BC train derailment that left 3 dead

Reebok Announced Two New Alien-Themed Sneakers Which Are Totally For Everyone This Time

Heroin epidemic so severe that many funeral homes can't keep up with demand

The first explorers on Mars could live in BRICK houses made from the red planet's own soil?

As MH370 conspiracy theories continue to swirl, why has compelling new evidence not revived the search?

Sledgehammer Used on Spirit House During Thailand Exorcism

Parents who use food to comfort their children are training them to 'eat emotionally'

Rewiring the brain can end the cycle of inter-generational poverty

The Amityville Horror Part Two: The Lutz Haunting

Macy researchers out to prove Bigfoot exists

'Iceball' planet discovered through microlensing

Senators Leave White House Briefing On North Korea Unsure About Why It Took Place

There Is a Peaceful Way Out of the North Korea Crisis

North Korea obliterates US Capitol and puts the White House in crosshairs in terrifying World War 3 video mock-up

US vows sanctions on North Korea and will activate Thaad system 'within days'

China welcomes U.S. saying it's open to talks on North Korea

Defense Ministry: China to continue with drills, weapons tests in response to THAAD deployment

Never-before-seen footage of China's nuclear missile submarines as Beijing flaunts its naval power in dramatic propaganda video

A look at North Korea's evolving brinkmanship

Hawaii Threatened by N.Korea Now, U.S. Commander Tells Congress

Top Admiral Calls on More Missile Interceptors in Hawaii
Senators Told Nuke Threat Urgent

Trump Spent Just Five Minutes In Major Meeting About Stopping A Nuclear War With North Korea

Teen plotted attack on Buckingham Palace & 9/11 memorial concert, court hears

India test-launches its intermediate-range nuclear-capable missile Agni-III

Taiwan president says phone call with Trump can take place again

Intel Vets Slam Trump's 'Chemical Weapons' Fraud in Syria

Trump tells Canada, Mexico, he won't terminate NAFTA treaty yet: White House

2 US troops killed, 1 wounded, fighting ISIS in Afghanistan - Pentagon

UN Warned Trump That ObamaCare Repeal Could Violate International Law

Israel strikes Iran-supplied arms depot near Damascus airport

Israeli Intelligence Minister: New strikes near Damascus 'in line with Israel policy to stop Iran arms transfers'

Google becomes first foreign tech firm to set up shop in Cuba

Russian nuclear technology conquering Africa

Russia Leaving Global Banking System: Dumping US Dollar for Gold

Boris Johnson: Difficult to say 'no' to Syria strike

Syrian War Report - April 26, 2017: Turkey Bombing US-backed Forces In Syria

EU Parliament lost 5 million euros in Le Pen alleged jobs fraud, legal source says

Le Pen, Macron spar as French presidential race narrows slightly

Alarming voter irregularities reported across France as fears mount election being rigged

Smoke grenades at rally against French presidential candidates in Paris

Children must be taught about Islam, insists Church of England

Saber-Rattling: Ukraine building up military presence and drills near Crimea

Merkel warns UK on Brexit 'illusions'

Richard Branson bankrolling bid to oust Brexit-supporting Tory MPs

European Central Bank holds interest rate at zero percent
Jehovah's Witnesses ban is a common sense move for Russia. The West should take note

Hooded youths in Venezuela mar opposition efforts at peaceful protest

Death Toll Hits 29, Protesters Battle Security Forces

Pope Francis arriving in Egypt at a time of great fear among Christians

BOJ most upbeat on economy in nine years, but warns stimulus exit distant

Oil prices continue to slide on growing global oversupply

Yeltsin was prevented from burying Lenin's body & demolishing his Mausoleum

Nintendo's comeback is starting to take hold as it forecasts a 121% profit surge this year

Police shoot & injure man at Berlin hospital after he threatened officer 'with weapon'

Saudi Arabia Sentences Atheist to Death for Uploading Video Renouncing Islam and the Prophet Mohammed

Sex scandal in Russian orphanage: Graduate opens up on years of mass pedophile abuse

Man carrying bag of knives near parliament arrested under Terrorism Act

The incredible spherical 'flying screens' that could soon show ads in the sky

Global spy agencies meet for "Five Eyes" intel-sharing network in New Zealand, including U.S. FBI, CIA, NSA

Russian and Saudi FMs clash over Syria & Iran

Experts: Japan "wants to just drop tanks" of Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean

'Like being accused of murder while victim is alive': Orban fights accusations over Soros university

If you're not using OPTICAL storage, all your data may be wiped out in a nuclear war, solar flare or EMP attack


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